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  • Top 3 Simplest Ways to Decorate Your Chocolate Cake

    They say that the day you become an adult is a day you realize that you can buy and eat a cake whenever you feel like it. It is like it’s your birthday every day and you can actually enjoy it without having to ask [...]

  • Feeling peckish at work, again?

    Those dreadful lunch breaks! Once in a blue moon, they might be something you are looking for. Usually, they are simply an additional level of stress, especially on Mondays. Truth is, lunch at work is another decision you just gotta make at some point. You [...]

  • Global-style breakfast you could be eating

    In the inevitable morning rush, it is not uncommon to trade healthy habits for a snooze or two. Usually, people tend to skip breakfast for a couple of additional zzzs. If you are running late even before your feet are on the floor, who has [...]